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Mold: Who Is At Risk?

The CDC stated the best…”most people will not be harmed by most molds; however, some molds will harm anyone, and some people can be hard by any mold.” What that means is that some mold species are extremely toxigenic. This can include, but is not limited to: Penicillium, Aspergillus, Fusarium and Stachybotrys. Even the healthiest person can be harmed by these highly toxigenic mold species. On the flipside, most people will not be harmed by the less or non-toxigenic mold species.

People who are most susceptible to mold and reasons:

  • Young Children: A child’s respiratory system is not fully developed until after the age of two. That means that if they are exposed to high mold levels, that mold can do permanent respiratory and nervous system damage.
  • Elderly: The elderly have very low immunity systems which makes them very susceptible to the adverse health effects of mold exposure.
  • Anyone with lowered immunity systems will be more susceptible. This can include pregnant women, anyone who’s had recent surgery, anyone with an immune deficient illness such as HIV, or anyone with the genetic these disposition towards allergies such as asthma.

If you fall in one of those categories, mold can be quite harmful. Mold should always be taken serious, no matter what category you fall in. A quick and decisive action up front can prevent medical problems and extensive property damage later. As always, it costs nothing for Lightning Restoration to come out and do a free evaluation of the property to determine if further action is needed.

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