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What Is Mold?

Mold is fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. No one knows how many species of fungi exist but estimates range from tens of thousands to perhaps three hundred thousand or more. Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and spread and reproduce by making spores. Mold spores can survive harsh environmental conditions, such as dry conditions, that do not support normal mold growth.



Over the last 20 years, mold contamination problems have been thrown into the spotlight across the country. Mold contamination can have serious implications to the health of you and your family. Throughout the nation and here in Tampa, mold remediation is an absolute necessity.

Mold exposure has been linked to an extensive list of medical issues, including allergic reactions, respiratory ailments, nose and throat irritation, skin irratation and permanent respiratory and nervous system deficiencies.

Mold Remediation Company Tampa FL
Mold Remediation Services Tampa FL

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that, “Most molds will not harm most people; however, some molds will affect any person and some people can be affected by any mold”. The very young (under 6 years old) and the elderly (over 60 years old) are most susceptible to mold exposure. In addition, anyone with severe allergies or lowered immunities can have serious reactions to mold exposure.

To deal with mold contamination, you need to have a professional mold remediation company to remove the mold and properly treat the property. Don’t rely on the “expertise” of Non-Experts! The most common misconception in mold remediation is….”Just Spray Bleach On It”. Contrary to what you may have heard, Bleach is 90% water and will only make the problem worse.

Failure to properly address water damage issues in a property can cause significantly more damage as mold and fungi grow.

Mold needs three things to grow:

Dry any water damage quickly to avoid mold growth.

Mold needs an organic food source to grow. Excellent organic food sources include the cellulose in drywall paper or wall studs, leather furniture, belts or jackets, etc.

How much time mold needs to thrive depends on a lot of factors. Mold can begin growing in 24 hours in the most ideal conditions. In most cases, mold is growing within 72 hours.

Lightning Restoration is a Nationally and State Certified and Licensed remediation firm. In order to legally perform mold remediation in the State of Florida, a supervisor on the project must be State Licensed as a Mold Remediator. In addition to the State License, our staff holds National Certifications with the IICRC. The IICRC Standards are the National Standards in Water & Mold Remediation. If you’re looking for Tampa mold remediation services you can trust, you’re in the right place.

Lightning Restoration Tampa offers the following mold remediation services:

We conduct visual examinations of the buildings environmental condition. The may include the use of evasive and non-evasive moisture meters, infrared technology and inner wall inspections with a boroscope.

Structural Remediation:
Lightning Restoration provides expert mold remediation services, utilizing the latest State-Of-The-Science technology and techniques. Our staff is Nationally and State certified/licensed to complete full Mold Remediation. We utilize a HEPA filtration cleaning system, to ensure that the property is brought back down to “normal fungal ecology”.

Content Remediation:
We can perform the cleaning in house, or when necessary, back in our facility. Lightning Restoration utilizes a barcode and digital photographic inventory (DPI) system for pack out and cleaning of personal content. The content can be stored in our warehouse facility until the property is ready for its return.

Find the Source:
Lightning Restoration will find the source of the moisture. Our contractor can repair the source to prevent escalating damage.

Free Evaluation:
Lightning Restoration will come out to the property, evaluate the damage and give an estimate for the Drying & Mold

Insurance Claims:
Lightning Restoration will assist the property owner with the claims filing process, and work directly with any insurance company including direct billing.

Contain the Damage:
It is important to contain mold damage before remediation efforts begin. Our containment procedures will guarantee that mold will not cross-contaminate into otherwise unaffected areas of the home.

We guarantee our work 100%.

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