Content Assessment

Content Assessment Professionals (CAP) is a division of Lightning Restoration. Every day, insurance professionals and homeowners alike are looking for the expert evaluation of personal content.

CAP specializes in the Evaluation, Inventory, Valuation and Salvage of restorable and non-restorable content. CAP staff members are experts in determining whether personal content has been permanently damaged by Water, Mold or Fire/Smoke. CAP has the expertise needed to close the contents claims quickly and accurately

Property Owner Satisfaction:

Policyholders can relax, knowing that they don’t have to worry about pricing the items themselves. Research of values can be a tedious process. The emotional toll of a large loss can be too much for some property owners to deal with effectively.

Expert Analysis:

Our Immediate / Emergency Response Team will keep your personal content claims from getting out of control. Get your analysis before third parties get involved, who have a vested interest in higher claims.

Restorability of Content:

All restorable content can be immediately cleaned & deodorized by our parent company, Lightning Restoration. Non-Restorable content is inventoried and evaluated for Salvage.

Non-Restorable Content Values:

Take the guesswork out of placing values with content items. CAP experts utilize state-of-the-art science and software to place accurate values with non-restorable content.

On-Site Evaluation & Inventory:

We provide a detailed Digital Photographic Inventory (DPI) of all restorable and non-restorable content.


That non-restorable content may not be “pre-loss condition”; however, that doesn’t mean that it is garbage. There is a lot of value left in salvageable items.


Our expert staff is trained in fraud detection.