BioClenz Remediation Process

Due to supply chain and labor issues, it is all too common to have wood framing exposed to the elements before installation. This can cause heavy weathering stains and mold growth on this bare wood. Up until now, soda blasting has been the best way to remove mold & staining. The problems with soda blasting are that it is extremely messy and time-consuming which leads to an expensive bill.

Introducing the Lightning Restoration Bio-Clenz Remediation Process.  Our three-step process removes the mold from the framing, without blasting it all over the rest of the property or having some messy cleanup afterward. Bio-Clenz leaves a fresh/clean finish like new cut wood and our final step leaves a bio-protection film on the wood to protect it from future bio-contaminates like mold for up to 90 days.

The Lightning Restoration Bio-Clenz process is a fraction of the cost of soda blasting…leaving the framing clean and protected.  Lightning Restoration is happy to supply a Written Guarantee, giving your homeowners peace of mind that they are moving into a healthy home environment.