Board Up And Tarping

Board Up & Tarping

Tampa Bay Board-Up is a division of Lightning Restoration. When fires, storms, or other damage puts your property at a security or liability risk, call Lightning Restoration for emergency board up service. We will evaluate the current state of your property and suggest our plan of action on how best to secure it.

In case of emergencies, we provide 24/7 response for our board up and tarping services, so you can count on us to help you whenever you in need. Call us in case of fire damage, flooding, weather damage, water damage, vandalism, or for any reason you need to secure your residence or building.

Emergency Board Up Services Tampa FL

Tampa Bay Board-Up

Protection and Peace of Mind
  • Drivers crash their cars into buildings an astonishing 60 times per day on average. Our Emergency Response Team will have your property secure within hours of the call.
  • It’s Hurricane Season. Do you need professional board-up services to protect your home and family? Don’t wait until the storm is knocking on your door to call.
  • Fires are the most common reason for board-up services. When fire trucks pull away, damage is still happening. Don’t be a victim a second time.
  • No power on site means no security… and thieves know it. Thieves listen to police band radios, and know what properties to target.
  • Your home or office is there to secure your valuable possessions. Without power, your windows are only as secure as the closest rock.
  • Non-invasive board up process maximizes security and minimizes secondary damage.

Lightning Restoration specializes in the following methods of initial property protection following a disaster or loss :

Tarping: Covering large opening, usually on roofs as the result of firefighter venting or tree strikes.

Board Up: Securing Doors and Windows breached from break-ins or first responder forcible entries.

Planned Board Up / Decorative Board Up: Sealing off abandoned or otherwise emptied properties to reduce visual deterioration, and preventing access from trespassers.

Board Up and Tarping Company Tampa Fl
Emergency Roof Tarping Services Tampas FL

Our board up

services include:
  • Secure and enclose all openings
  • Temporary building enclosures
  • Barricades
  • Covering exposed ceilings and roofs with tarps


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