Month: April 2021

How We Help Even the Most Difficult Water Remediation Needs

During the holiday season we had an elderly client in Tampa call us with a busted pipe in the attic. Per the client, water was pouring through the ceiling fixtures, drywall and out of the walls. We sent a full crew out, prepared to take care of this type of situation. When we arrived, however, we found a whole new concern. The property owner was a hoarder. Throughout the house, she had stacked content items 3-5 feet high, with only trails to get to a portion of the house. These stacks made the rest of the house unreachable. Structural water absorption can be difficult enough to dry out. Add that to a home overflowing with content, and it can be quite overwhelming for the property owner. These difficult water remediation situations call for professionals, so everyone was happy that she called Lightning Restoration.

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