Coronavirus in the Workplace

Lightning Restoration continues to help everyone we can with discounted CoronaVirus treatments.  This past week, we received a call from a local plumbing company.  Two of their top staff members tested positive for Covid-19, so the entire company shut down and sent all staff members to be tested.  While waiting on results, the company contacted us to treat the office and work vehicles. 


Our 3-step treatment process brought the facility and the vehicles back to a safe working environment.  This process included:

  • Pre-cleaning all areas needing treatment
  • Commercial-grade disinfectant fogging treatment EPA-registered and certified to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, including CoronaVirus
  • Electrostatic application of ViroShield, which creates an ionic bonding with all hard surfaces protecting them from those same viruses and bacteria for a 3-month period

In addition, upon completion of the treatment, we sampled the surfaces. Our tests found the treated areas sanitized to a hospital-grade level.

We are happy to report that the rest of the staff tested negative for Covid-19. As a result, everyone returned to work immediately with the comfort of knowing that they were working in a safe conditions.  The two staff members that were affected are starting to feel better and are on their way to a full recovery.  They should return to work after their 14-day quarantine period.  We wish everyone in our community a safe and healthy year, as we come out of this crisis. 

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