Things You Should Know About Homeowners’ Insurance Coming Into The Busy Months of Storm Season

A hurricane deductible is usually much higher than the deductible for all other perils. Typically, the hurricane deductible is 2-5% of your coverage limit, where your other deductibles are usually in the $1000-$2500 range. At the 2-5% range, a $350k house will have a hurricane deductible range of $7000-$17,500.

During a hurricane or surge event, flood water damage is not covered by your standard homeowners’ policy. If you live in Florida, whether you are rated as a flood zone or not, you are in one. The benefit of not being rated in a flood zone is that you get that insurance at a significant discounted rate. Take advantage of it. Remember Hurricane Charley. It was supposed to hit Tampa head on. It changed course, made landfall in Port Charlotte and made its track up the center of the state. It flooded everything from Wimauma thru Orlando…all non-flood zones.

What is considered flood? Flood water damage is when 2 or more adjacent properties have standing water (2nd property can be the road). This means that if you have standing water, but your neighboring properties do not, you do not have flood coverage. Since it is ground water, it is also not covered by your homeowners’ policy either. Make sure that you have gutters on the house and proper drainage to prevent ground water intrusion that will not be covered by insurance.

Nearly every insurance carrier in the state has a vendor program. This is where reputable restoration companies are vendors for the insurance carrier and are sent out directly by the carrier to perform remediation. The restoration company agrees to the pricing & process guidelines of the carrier and the carrier guarantees payment of the emergency services of their vendors. We are happy to be on over 30 insurance vendor programs in the state of Florida.

During a named storm surge event, like a tropical storm or hurricane, a good number of insurance carriers in the state will turn off their vendor programs. The reason for this comes right from the information listed in this article. If a carrier sends out a vendor and guarantee’s payment of their bill, the carrier may be paying where they are not liable. It could be work that does not meet the hurricane deductible or not covered at all because it falls under flood insurance. Since it is so common, they will simply tell their policyholders to find a company to perform the water remediation and restoration services.

At Lightning Restoration, we are proud to be the company of choice for hundreds of insurance carriers, insurance agents, property managers, home builders, home inspectors, realtors and most importantly… homeowners in our community. Our promise to our neighbors is to always act promptly and morally to help you through one of the most challenging times you will face. We take the weight off your shoulders and put it on ours. Our extensive knowledge and organization helps us navigate those confusing claims waters.

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