Lowering Costs for Floridian Builders with Remediation Innovation

Florida’s construction industry is witnessing a boom. Demand for housing is rising with an influx of people into the state. Builders want to take advantage of the opportunity, but also build trust by ensuring corners don’t get cut and customer needs are met.

This is where Lightning Restoration comes in, combining friendly pricing with a focus on education. The umbrella company runs the gamut of services, including leak detection, handyman work, warranty work, and the flagship water, mold, and fire remediation.

As Founder and CEO Scott DeMalteris puts it, “Everything that we do is based on science. Understanding the science behind water, mold & fire remediation can help to facilitate a premium level of service at lower costs. Passing that knowledge down to your team is essential. The team becomes better ‘scientists’ by working toward a higher level of education in the remediation sector and filling the knowledge gaps among stakeholders.”

Whenever there’s an issue, Lightning Restoration is there as a resource to help them get the problem remedied and back on track, so they can complete the home and get the new homeowner in without any issues.

It is a one-stop shop for building companies, handling everything from source identification to complete remediation of problems affecting a home. The process starts with assessment.

What is the damage? Where did it come from? And what’s the plan of action that leads to full remediation in a limited time and within a budget the client finds acceptable?

From there, the work begins. Lightning Restoration doesn’t ask clients to trust its word alone, though it’s crucial to the company that it delivers on its promises. Through its third-party guarantee, it invites an independent assessment company to check its work, demonstrating to clients that it leaves homes in a healthy and livable state.

This detailed approach is exemplified in its work on a large commercial bank project where an air conditioning (AC) system caused widespread issues within a building. Lightning Restoration’s assessment quickly revealed the problem’s root–an improper installation. From there, it remediated the moisture and mold issues throughout the bank and its offices. Their vendor partner, specializing in AC system mechanics and remediation, was brought in to fix the source and clean the entire system.

Whenever there’s an issue, we’re there as a resource to help them get the problem remedied and back on track, so they can complete the home and get the new homeowner in without any issues

Ultimately, what separates Lightning Restoration from other remediation companies in the state is its dedication to lowering costs, as DeMalteris highlights when he says, “We’re constantly researching, looking at ways we can improve our processes, techniques, and technology, so we can give a better product that’s quick and less expensive.”

This dedication to lowering prices is key in Florida, where the Gulf Coast currently faces one of the largest inflation rates in the country. It’s also the driving force behind Lightning Restoration coming up with new solutions to old problems, such as its Bio-Clenz technology, which enables it to clean mold frameworks in half the time and for half the price than traditional soda blasting methods.

Combine that dedication to clients with a commitment to its community through Lightning Restoration’s work with many local children’s charities, and you have a company that aims to improve the building situation throughout Florida and funnel goodwill throughout their community.

Scott DeMalteris, Founder and CEO

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