Joann Johnson

I would like to give an all-star review to the owner and staff at Lightning Restoration of Tampa Bay. Earlier this year, my neighbor had water all over her kitchen as the result of a broken kitchen pipe. Not knowing what to do, she contacted her insurance agent for help. Her insurance carrier and her agent referred her to Lightning Restoration saying they would take care of her problem. When contacted, they immediately came out, removed the water and set up equipment to dry out her house. They were very friendly and efficient. They even assisted her in submitting her claim to her insurance company. Unfortunately, her claim was denied. When the bill arrived, she had no means from which to pay. In an attempt to help my neighbor, I contacted Scott, the owner of Lightning Restoration and explained to him that this was an elderly lady, living alone and with a minimal income. Scott met with me at the neighbor’s home and after confirming her situation agreed to remove the outstanding bill having performed the work at no cost. The owner of Lightning Restoration has shown that he really does care about his customers and recognizes that even though it is a business, it is not always about money. It’s about the people in his community that he cares greatly for. Thank you Scott and thank you Lightning Restoration.